LAPPA is creating a healthy, friendly world with children worldwide

Our spearheads

LAPPA Books feels socially responsible for the world we live in and wants to promote positive change. Connection between people and cultures, a responsible relationship with nature and living healthily are our spearheads.

By playfully making children aware of this at a young age and by stimulating action through interaction, we want to encourage them to live healthily and sustainably and to be tolerant to our fellow human beings. With LAPPA®, children worldwide are creating a healthy, clean and friendly world. Catch them young!

Topical subjects

LAPPA Books chooses topical subjects. Our colourful children’s books bring these subjects to their attention and children are invited to (inter)action via questions for Lappa’s little friends. Besides these topical subjects, the LAPPA® children’s book series also addresses everyday subjects.

With a story page, a colouring page and questions for Lappa’s little friends.

The story page clearly presents the subject and helps trigger a discussion about it. What do you see in the picture? Together, connection and interaction are important key words here.
The colouring page provides the child with a peaceful moment to absorb the subject of the book.
Through the questions for Lappa’s little friends, we encourage parents/teachers to talk to the children in more depth about the subject during or after reading to them, to make children aware and to teach them to formulate their own opinion.

LAPPA® Bilingual

All over the world, several population groups with their own language and culture live together in one country. Our bilingual books connect the different cultures, helping people to integrate into a multilingual society. All our publications can be ordered in any language combination.

Commissioned children’s books

We also make LAPPA® Children’s books that are commissioned by non-profit organisations, companies, private individuals etc., about jubilees, medical information, rituals and celebrations, related to specific countries and cultures.