Who is Lappa?
Lappa is Lappa. He lives in the Netherlands, but his grandpa and grandma come from Lappaland. In the LAPPA® children’s books, we follow Lappa’s adventures as he views the world through unique and authentic eyes, looking for answers to his questions – questions that will also be in the minds of all young children between 3 and 6 years old.

What themes does LAPPA®  consider important?
– A positive view on life
– Harmony between races and cultures
– Sustainability and the care for nature and the environment

Does LAPPA® also look at more serious topics?
Definitely. One example is the book ‘Dag, lieve opa’ (LAPPA 1.0 series). In it, together with Lappa, we look back on the events that take place during the emotional, hectic days following the death of a grandparent. The book has received good reviews in various magazines, was nominated for the Yarden Afscheidsprijs 2015 (in the Netherlands), and is featured on well-known Dutch websites such as uitvaart.nl.

The LAPPA® children’s book series.
The interactive coloring books contain many colorful illustrations, a story page, a colouring page and questions for Lappa’s little friends. The books are fun to look through together, to talk about the ‘questions for Lappa’s little friends’ together and to read out loud. And children will love reading their first words themselves.

For which age category are LAPPA® Children’s books appropriate?
For children aged between 3 and 6.