About the publisher

LB Publisher creates and sells LAPPA® children’s books, LAPPA®merchandising and sells LAPPA®licenses all over the world.
We have business collaborations with Identity Games International BV, and work with an inspiring team of graphic designers. An enthusiastic team of ladies across the country makes the hand-crocheted scarves for the LAPPA®cuddly toy. 

The wordmark and logo rights of the LAPPA® brand are registered for the Benelux, Europe and China by LAPPA Brand International BV. It is forbidden to use LAPPA® images and text without prior permission.

The team behind LAPPA®

Albert Meuter – business director/founder of Identity Games Int. BV
Mirjam Touwslager – creative director/owner of LB Uitgeverij/founder LAPPA Books 
Jan J. Verolme – sales & licenses Asia – sales.asia@lappabooks.nl
Jan Willem Gerth -sales manager – sales@lappabooks.nl
Patty Koot – creation & graphic design
Veli Tarhan – production leader of the LAPPA® cuddle toy in Denezli, Turkye