LAPPA® merchandising

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LAPPA® Digital Games & Coloring Pages

LAPPA ® is well represented in the digital world. The LAPPA® jigsaw puzzle, LAPPA® Memory and LAPPA® Connect are educational games that children of 3 and upwards will enjoy playing for hours. All games can be played at various levels, from very simple for the youngest to more challenging for the older kids. You can download LAPPA® Connect for the iPhone free via the Appstore. The LAPPA® games can now be played all over the world.

LAPPA® coloring Pages and LAPPA® games:
or download the app in the Appstore.


Speel Memory

Play Memory

Speel Puzzel

Do a Puzzle

Speel Connect

Play Connect






LAPPA® Cuddley toy with handmade shawl








LAPPA® Happy Families card game






LAPPA® Hide & Seek